Collectors with a focus on creating a fun & friendly environment to enjoy the sports cards hobby.

What We Do

Welcome to TT Sports Cards! We run live team breaks 7 days a week inside our private Facebook group for all new releases across the sports world. Our focus is to offer the most competitive pricing you can find, often beating out the major breakers in the business, and pairing that with amazing customer service.

We have 3 breakers in our group (Thiago, Tarkha, & Traci), all with their own unique personality and style! You will find us posting mostly “Pick Your Team (PYT)” style breaks, with the occasional random, and we offer everything from full case breaks down to single box breaks.

Come join the private Facebook group, we always do free giveaways, and it’s a fun place to hangout and watch some breaks! Click Here To Visit Us!

Our breaks are posted inside the private Facebook group.